Donation Levels


Our Eternal GratitudeUnlimited

A $15 dollar donation is greatly appreciated to us here at Radio Western! Making a $15 dollar donation will also make you eligible for a tax receipt.


Fuel Up / Recharge!10 Available

You get a $10 gift card to London’s great trackside café, Locomotive Espresso, in the lovely Woodfield neighbourhood OR Rebel Remedy in downtown London!


Game On!4 Available

Get a gift card from premier comic and gaming store LA Mood Comics and games and CD from a great local artist.


Be Active!8 Available

You get either a climbing pass for The Junction Climbing Gym in the Old East Village or a yoga class pass from Shangrila Yoga Studio.


Gift Certificate from

The Soho Bar & Grill - $25 value2 available
Filthy Rebena - $25 value1 available
Blue Pepper Vintage - $25 value 2 available
Old East Village Grocer - $20 value 2 available
Harvest Pantry - $20 value.......... ...................... .............1 available


Get Fused1 Available

Snag this limited edition t-shirt and exclusively blended Fuse tea.


Your Voice in (Radio) Lights!Unlimited

Come to the station and we’ll record you reading a station ID for us to play on the air.


You Write It, We Make It – Station ID: Unlimited

Pick your funniest, weirdest or coolest way to describe Radio Western and we'll produce it. Your idea will live on, as we keep station IDs around forever!


Radio Western T-shirt: 10 each (Men's SM - XL)

You get our awesome new t-shirt. Only available while supplies last!


Local VinylSupplies are limited

Get a vinyl record from a local band. It might be a 7” that’s out of print. It might be a brand new full-length EP. It might be clear vinyl.
We have received donations from many local bands and we want to share the love with you! Once this reward is gone -- it’s GONE.


Leave Your Beer Hat On 1 Available

Get a ball cap and a beer class from London’s most cooperative beer source – the London Brewing Cooperative.


Vinyl Victory with Speed City 3 Available

You get a new vinyl release from Speed City Records. ...... ..... ....


Lookin' Slick1 Available

A $30 gift certificate from NYC Stylz to keep you looking fresh to death.


Farmer's Market Package1 Available

A tote bag with coffee from Patrick’s Beans, gift certificate from the Harvest Pantry & a sprouting kit from Anything Grows.


Awesome Band T-Shirt34 Available

Thanks to the generosity of local bands, we have a mystery bag full of awesome band t-shirts.
We can’t tell you what you’ll get, but we can tell you it’ll be a one-of-a-kind shirt from a great local band!
We’ll do our best to get you the size you need, but our supplies are limited. LET US KNOW YOUR SIZE WHEN YOU ORDER! Once we run out, these are irreplaceable!


Grooves Keeps You Groovin'1 Available

We’ve got a pack of great gear for you from this venerable downtown record shop. A great t-shirt, a mug, some hep slip mats for you turntable, a sweet 7” record, all stuffed into an exhaustive tote sack.


You Sweat Purple!1 Available

A Western Mustangs hoodie!...... ..... ......... ..... ...... ....... .... ... .. ..


Local Grab Bag4 Available

You’ll get a combination of great stuff from local artists, businesses and other organizations including: A great tote bag, a water bottle, $10 in Downtown Dollars; A book by a local author; a CD from a local band; cool stickers, buttons; 1/2 lb bag of freshly roasted fair-trade coffee beans from Patrick's Beans and more.


Runout and Grab This Package!3 Available

You get one new vinyl release from Runout Records, and a gift certificate for one of their cool new Tshirts! 


Tickets, Tickets, Get Your Tickets!Supplies limited

You’ll get a pair of tickets for a great local show from one of the following local venues:
Aeolian Hall tickets
Cuckoo’s Nest Folk Club Tickets
Sofar Sounds VIP Tickets
Sunfest tickets
Bayfield Concert Series Tickets


Ready for Your Close-up? Cohost for a Day4 Available

You get a chance to join a host live on the air for 30 minutes.
***Available for selected shows only.


Programmer for a Day4 Available

Love music, but not keen to have your voice heard on the air? You can program ½ hour of music, and the host of another show will play it for you.
Disclaimer: We have to adhere to CRTC standards of broadcast, so we’ll have to approve your playlist. We’ll happily walk you through the process. Also, you might have to provide us with the tunes.


RW Backstage Pass3 Available

You come to the station and hang out while a band plays live on the air. We’ll tour you through the station and who knows? Maybe you’ll end up in a picture in the studio!


Anderson Brewery Private Tour and Tasting2 Available

This certificate is valid for a private tour and tasting for you and up to 9 friends! Redeem at your convenience and get a behind the scenes look at where your favourite beverages are made. Then enjoy sampling the yard with your friends at a private table. Ooh la la!


Pre-production with Forest City Records2 Available

You get a 2-hour pre-production session with London’s newest record company. You’ll get feedback on song structure, instrumentation, lyrics and dynamics, and examine performance and arrangement before you hit the studio. This helps the artist create an efficient studio experience and takes them to a professional level that’s ready to record.


DJ Uncle Ando's Car Service 1 Available

Our station manager DJ Uncle Ando will drive you and 2 friends to the locations of your choice, between 7 and 10pm on a night he agrees on. 
NOTE: location must be within London, and we would like the opportunity to post a couple of pictures to social media.  DJ Uncle Ando has an AWESOME car.


Moroccan Masterpiece Meal!1 Available

Chef Zakia Haskouri will be at your service to prepare a meal for you and 5 of your friends! All you need to do is purchase the ingredients for a meal that you will never forget!


Life’s Beachy! 1 Available

Season’s Pass for TWO, to the Bayfield Concert Series – approximate retail value $700!


PD for a Day1 Available

Try out the job and see how you measure as Radio Western’s Program Director for a day! Program our broadcasting schedule, interact with hosts, and eat Pam’s lunch.

Select Your Donation Level and Reward

$15.00 Our Eternal Gratitude (/0 Remaining)
$20.00 Game On! (2/4 Remaining)
$20.00 Fuel Up/Recharge (9/10 Remaining)
$25.00 Get Fused (1/1 Remaining)
$25.00 Be Active! (5/8 Remaining)
$25.00 Gift Certificate - Old East Village Grocer (0/2 Remaining)
$25.00 Gift Certificate - Blue Pepper Vintage (0/2 Remaining)
$25.00 Gift Certificate - SoHo Bar & Grill (2/2 Remaining)
$25.00 Gift Certificate - The Harvest Pantry (0/1 Remaining)
$25.00 Gift Certificate - Filthy Rebena (1/1 Remaining)
$30.00 Radio Western T-shirt - XL (10/10 Remaining)
$30.00 Vinyl Victory with Speed City (2/3 Remaining)
$30.00 Leave Your Beer Hat On (1/1 Remaining)
$30.00 Your Voice in (radio) Lights! (/0 Remaining)
$30.00 Local Vinyl (8/10 Remaining)
$30.00 You Write It, We Make It – Station ID (/0 Remaining)
$30.00 Radio Western T-shirt - SM (9/10 Remaining)
$30.00 Radio Western T-shirt - M (10/10 Remaining)
$30.00 Radio Western T-shirt - L (8/10 Remaining)
$35.00 Lookin' Slick (1/1 Remaining)
$35.00 Grooves Keeps You Groovin' (1/1 Remaining)
$35.00 Awesome Band T-Shirt (31/34 Remaining)
$35.00 Farmer's Market Package (0/1 Remaining)
$40.00 Local Grab Bag (3/4 Remaining)
$40.00 You Sweat Purple! (0/1 Remaining)
$45.00 Runout and Grab This Package! (0/3 Remaining)
$50.00 Tickets, Tickets, Get your Tickets! (2/5 Remaining)
$50.00 Programmer for a Day (4/4 Remaining)
$50.00 Ready for Your Close-up? Cohost for a Day (4/4 Remaining)
$75.00 RW Backstage Pass (3/3 Remaining)
$150.00 Pre-production with Forest City Records (2/2 Remaining)
$150.00 Anderson Brewery Private Tour and Tasting (1/2 Remaining)
$200.00 DJ Uncle Ando's Car Service (1/1 Remaining)
$200.00 Moroccan Masterpiece Meal! (0/1 Remaining)
$250.00 Life’s Beachy! (0/1 Remaining)
$250.00 PD for a Day (1/1 Remaining)